How to Make Mollet Eggs

When I first came across this technique for making mollet eggs, it was from chef Jacques Pépin. This version of eggs are a cross between soft-boiled and a poached egg. The white part of the egg is soft-boiled, but the yolk is creamy. When I took a bite from it, I knew I would be adding this to my repertoire. I think this method should get more attention, because it's so delicious, but so easy to make.

Recipe video tutorial below:

First, you want a shallow pan. About 8x3". Fill it with 4-6 cups of cold water and get it to a boil.


You'll need a sieve.

Next, you want to push a thumbtack or push pin to create a tiny hole in the rounder side of the egg.



Lower the eggs into the boiling water and cook at a simmer for 6 minutes. Pour out the water and move in the pan to slightly crack the egg shells. Let them cool thoroughly.


Once they're cool, shell them under cold running water and place them in a bowl of cold water until ready to serve.


Season & enjoy!





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